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CaptureDr. Lawrence J. Clark is a motivational speaker/author, sales psychology expert, and Guerilla Marketing Master Trainer. Highly creative in his approach to motivation, sales, and marketing, he combines his background as a songwriter, poet, and fiction writer with a PhD in Persuasive Rhetoric and over 30 years in business to help entrepreneurs develop creative & profitable written, verbal, and video content & marketing strategies.

He has created over a dozen websites in various targeted niches, including TheCommunicationLeader.com, TheWebinarLeader.com, TheMotivationLeader.com, MountainMainGourmet.com, and SingingPoetGuy.com. Lawrence is available for keynote speeches, corporate training, live and webinar-based seminars, and group and individual business and life coaching. Contact him for a free laser-focused strategy session, (505) 585-8594 or via email, Lawrence@TheCommunicationLeader.com.

Lawrence J. Clark, Ph.D. has delivered hundreds of speeches, seminars, and workshops in the past thirty years, in a variety of venues, including businesses, civic groups, churches, libraries, public schools, universities, conventions and trade shows, community events, senior centers, and cruise ships.

He has also spent 20+ years teaching a variety of professional writing and communication, as well as creative writing and literature courses, at the university level, and also supports local community through his gifts and talents to help young people discover the value of reading and writing. Additionally, he shares his personal story of dropping out of high school, then returning to eventually earn a doctorate, with at-risk-teens in an effort to show them that it’s never too late to turn one’s life around.


Sample Keynote Speech and Seminar Topics: (customized topics for special events and groups also available)

  • Powerful Strategies for Writing Persuasive & Profitable Sales Letters, Advertisements, Proposals, and More
  • Scared to Speak?  How to Get Over Your Fears And Become a Confident and Persuasive Public Speaker (and Watch Your Business Grow!)
  • Seven Winning Sales Strategies for People Who Hate Selling
  • How to Persuade Your Employees to Love Their Jobs by Understanding Their Personality Types
  • The Guerilla Way: Free/Low Cost Ways to Publicize Your Business, Maximize Your Exposure, and Increase Your Profits!
  • 7 Keys to Writing a Winning Grant Proposal
  • 12 Secret Strategies Peak Performers use to Maintain a Perfectly Balanced Life
  • How to Set and Achieve Goals that Match YOUR In-Born Strengths and Personality Type
  • Time Management for Managers and Entrepreneurs: How to Persuade Yourself and Your Employees to Maximize Productivity and Increase Profits
  • How Infomercials Make Millions (and How You Can, Too!)
  • Fits Like a Glove: How Personality Types and Strengths/Weaknesses can Make or Break Your Organization
  • How to Promote Your Business with Webinars
  • How to Promote Your Business by Writing a Book
  • How to Become an Authority in Your Industry so Customers are Chasing YOU
  • 3 Keys to Creating a Tribe of Stark Raving Fans!
  • Public Speaking Strategies for Business Owners
  • The Sales Mountain: A Proven System for Increased Sales
  • How to Eliminate the Fear of Rejection from Networking and Learn to Enjoy the Process!
  • Elite Persuasion Strategies: The Secret Techniques You Don’t Know About That are Making Others Rich and Powerful
  • Top 10 Secrets for Writing Profitable Sales Copy (Even if You’re Not a Professional Copywriter)
  • How to Sell Without Being Sleazy, Cheezy, or Manipulative
  • Can You Hear Me? How to Improve Your Professional and Personal Performance and Networking Skills with a Few Proven Strategies
  • Copywriting for Dummies (and Smart Business Owners Who Want to Increase Their Top-Line Revenue)
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