Client Comments

“Other programs teaching sexy hypnotic copywriting are 4x the price, and I doubt if they deliver as much value as yours will. Tools to last a lifetime… means everything in the world.”  Lewis Meltz

“I bought the program because the sales letter example showed me how these ideas can have a wide application in many aspects of my life.”  Dennis McCracken

“I totally enjoyed your “Real Fast Influence and Persuasion Webinar” that you did with Daniel Hall, and I am looking forward to the training I purchased. Your new “Weekly Speaker & Author Success Series Program” also sounds very well thought out. I have enjoyed all your great FB posts in our joint association with the Eric Lofholm Protege group. Thank you again.”  William Gray

“Thanks, Daniel and Lawrence, for an amazing workshop! I put your names in lights above Bank of America because we can take your teachings to the BANK!”  Lou Bortone

“Lawrence is an action oriented coach who helps his clients move forward to success. During my first corporate training, he became my sounding board and provided actionable steps for me to put into practice. The very next session was a better experience for myself and the students. Thank you, Lawrence!! Are you looking for understanding and accountability to take your business to the next level? Then call Lawrence!!”  Anna Scheller

“I have been lucky enough to be coached (and still being coached) by Lawrence Clark to aid me in improving my webinars/sales and email/sales. This guy is the real deal in every way. He seriously reads, pays attention and helps me in a very detailed way – which is what I need. No “glossing over” my materials, I know he’s really paying attention to me and the work I’m doing under his guidance. While I still have much to learn, I can say that on my first webinar that I did under his guidance that my sales went up which was a confirmation that I was on the right track. Thanks Lawrence, I appreciate your expertise and coaching.”  Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

“‎I had the benefit of getting some coaching from LJC last month. What a great experience – I got so many juicy nuggets of information to help me in creating my webinar – Anger & Me – I also have a lot of work to do as well.  LOL. Thanks Lawrence for all of the great information.”  Veronica Hislop

“Back a ways, Life happened big time, & I was in a state of flux, change, & expansion. In my state of exploration, I somehow ended up on an interesting webinar you presented on a subject way outside my comfort zone. As fate would have it, I somehow guessed the lucky number at the conclusion. My prize was a one-on-one private coaching session directly with YOU. What an HONOR! So THRILLED! Oh JOY! Oh GOLLY! Oh NO! Eeeeeeeek! Scream. What will I say? But, but, but, but…(EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER!) You were open to discovering “What-was-up-with-me.” Your voice was kind & gentle. Your style was not Preacher, but rather Listener, Understanding-One, & then Issue-Solver. You were calm, patient, reassuring, experienced, & confident. I was able to relax into articulating some of my stresses, hurdles, hopes, fears, and dreams. You stated back to me that which you heard, thus verifying to me that hey, this guy understands. At that point you, from your totally not-stuck-in-my-garbage-stuff outsider’s perspective, came up with workable ideas to reach & actualize those dreams, & step into those as yet untapped opportunities & possibilities. Yes, and then you offered a real doable action plan.  It was your special Mentor-Magic that gave me that loving boost, up-and-over ME. You helped me get out of my own way. You “gentled me” into a place of ACTION & TRUST & KNOWING. Lawrence, I am very grateful to have you as a mentor.”  Kay M. Kuebler

“I had the opportunity to hire Kristen Clark to edit and format my last book and I’m glad I did.  She made the process extremely easy in all regards.  She outlined her timeline in terms of what to expect her output to be, which I really appreciated.  She then did a “test edit sample” to show me how she would edit my book and where she would add value if I agreed.  Very impressive.  I felt she made the editing a collaboration so we could both be happy and satisfied with the result.  She scores an “A+” for going the extra mile.  I would recommend her to edit your book with full confidence you will like the outcome.  I will gladly return for her services on my future books.”  Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, The Introvert Whisperer

“Your enthusiasm for this (book) project was infectious.  I too did the happy dance… and already have several friends who want to buy the book, so I ordered more than what I initially planned… It was a great first writing experience for me.  Thanks again for all your work on this project. I’ll be excited to hold the book in my hands!”  Author, Karen Nolen

“You were right, my heart did a flip flop, when I read the first line in your email, ‘Is now available!’ Its almost like this is a dream, but someone’s else dream.  I said to myself, ‘you have written something that is in a BOOK, yes a real BOOK, with pages, and bound with a picture on the front!’  I cannot thank you enough…”  Author, Laurie Smith

“This book (Becoming Women of Worth: Stories of Hope and Faith) is beautifully written, full of wise counsel, filled with life changing applications, and simply a blessing to read. I’m honored to be have been part of this book.”  Cinthia Hiett,  MC, LPC, Author

“WOW! Thank you so much. Your kindness keeps surprising me, and I’m not sure why… other than it’s a rarity in this form these days. Thanks for being “different” and courageous. I love how you’ve had this vision, and have pressed through. It’s an honor to serve with you.”   Marcy Pusey, CRC, Writer

“Loved the book!  The cover, the layout, and the print all look so good.”   Terri Lacher, Author



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