About Kristen Clark

DSC_2016 editedKristen Clark is an expert in developing and maintaining a positive attitude for personal success and she speaks frequently on this topic. Additionally, her articles have appeared in numerous online journals and magazines, while her inspirational short stories have been published by Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Kristen also has over 20 years of experience working in both Small Business and Corporate America, and a wealth of practical business knowledge. She has successfully held positions in Sales, Management, Strategy & Planning, and Marketing, and is currently Manager of Executive Communication and Employee Engagement for a Fortune 50 Technology company.

Trying times have shown Kristen the value of proactively managing her own career and she has effectively navigated work-force reductions, corporate downsizing, frequent reorganizations, and painful job reshuffling as a result of challenging market and economic conditions. She credits her ability to move onward and upward to her positive attitude.

Kristen is a master at:

  • Creating a need to listen and learn
  • Enabling people to resolve their own problems
  • Challenging participants to exceed higher goals
  • Broadening solution options for personal obstacles

Her leadership skills include:

  • Creating relevant content for internal consumption and modification
  • Filtering meaningful information, patterns, and commonalities to communicate business decisions
  • Persuading in multiple social contexts and media spaces
  • Relationship building and collaborating across boundaries, businesses, and regions
  • Thinking strategically in terms of higher level systems and cycles, and seeing the big picture
  • Planning and tracking through defined metrics, measures, and targets to ensure desired outcomes
  • Analyzing and diagnosing problems and their impact to key stakeholders


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