NEW!  Speaker and Author Success Series


As a speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur, or consultant, it’s essential
to get the word out to as many people as possible if we
want them to buy our books, book us for speaking gigs
or attend our seminars and workshops, use our
consulting services, or enroll in our
coaching programs. Like you, Kristen and I
have tried various methods to achieve these results
over the years, and some have been
more successful than others.

That’s why I’m excited to announce our new
“Speaker and Author Success” Webinar Series
beginning Monday, May 5th!

This WEEKLY PROGRAM will feature a broad range of
thoroughly researched tips and strategies designed
to help you grow your speaking, writing, coaching,
consulting, or publishing business. Each week’s
session will include insightful and compelling information,
as well as an exclusive assortment of knowledgeable guests
and experienced industry experts.

Topics will span a range of subjects and include:

* Improving your writing and speaking skills
* Getting publicity
* Finding speaking gigs
* Selling more books
* Writing book proposals
* Promoting your books, products, or services
using free and low-cost social media
* Attracting and retaining consulting and coaching clients
* Navigating through the maze of self-publishing options
* Working with editors and publishers

*Creating and Using Photo Quotes for Marketing Purposes
. . . and many more useful topics!


Logo 2Although the title of this program suggest that it is designed especially for speakers and authors, you can also benefit from it even if you’ve never written a book or given a speech in public.
If you are business or life coach, sales professional, online marketer, or sales professional, you can also benefit from the easy to implement, profit-generating tips, techniques, and strategies, since you can only communicate with your current and future clients and customers in two ways: speaking to them (live or via video) or writing to them (via emails, direct mail, website copy, brochures, etc.).
Our webinar technology makes attending the series easy and convenient; simply sign up once and you will be registered for all future sessions. You’ll even receive a convenient email reminder that you can add to your schedule. Each session is designed to provide all the information you need manageable, immediately actionable  bite-sized chunks.
Join us each Monday night… same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!


The Communication Leader’s Mission
Welcome to The Communication Leader–we hope you enjoy our articles, videos, webinars, recommendations, and online courses for writers and speakers. Contact us today to find out about live keynote speeches, seminars, webinars, workshops, and more. We are also here to HELP YOU promote your books, CDs, speaking topics, business, school, church, or non-profit organization through the power of superior written and verbal communication skills, persuasive webinars, creative copywriting and sales training, and promotional videos!
To Your Success!
Kristen and Lawrence J. Clark, Ph.D.
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